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Chair's Report

I look back in pride at what the Trust has achieved since it was established in 2015

I reflect on the huge contribution that volunteers, employees, contract workers, partners, philanthropic supporters, central government agencies, Auckland Council and Papakura Local Board, and many others have made to the kaupapa of Kootuitui. A huge thanks is owed to all. Significantly I know we have collectively made a difference to the lives of many in our Papakura community.

This is my eighth annual report as Chair of Kootuitui ki Papakura. As I will be absent from this year’s AGM, the report will be presented by Dr Abdul Nishar who will be the Acting Chair in my absence.

I start by welcoming the new Trustees to our Board, Keith Tetzlaff, Dianne Lasenby and Richard Thornton. Each brings important skills and knowledge to the Board and a commitment to the success of our schools and the wider Papakura community.

I thank the longer serving Trustees, David Clark, Dr Abdul Nishar and Tamara Tairakena for their ongoing commitment, and recognise former Trustee Roger Herangi who resigned from the Board for relocation reasons.

I also express my appreciation to Raina Nock, the Principal Lead for the cluster schools since 2015. Raina continues to be the key in our working relationship with the Manaiakalani Education Trust, an essential partner to our work. Raina is ably supported by other Principals in our cluster, and I thank them all for their ongoing support. I note that it is significant and appreciated that Keith Tetzlaff was able to join our Board when he retired as Principal of Papakura Central, a cluster school.

A huge expression of gratitude goes to the staff and volunteers of our organisation. The innovation, commitment and share hard work is something to behold. Thank you, Abi Bond, Jan Piahana and all the team for your great work. You are all truly inspiring.

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Our Supporters

Nothing could be achieved without funding. Our continued existence is reliant on fantastic support from longtime supporters, as well as those more recent. We list you all in this AGM report, but I do want to single out Foundation North and the Todd Group especially for your lengthy and sustained support over much of our existence. Thank you. I also want to indicate how satisfying it has been to work with a range of central government agencies, Papakura Local Board, Auckland Council, NFP organisations and with private sector companies. We welcome the perspectives of different organisations coming together in various ways to help in the well-being of whaanau, community and Papakura as a whole. We welcome the synergy and energy that is unleashed when different perspectives on addressing significant issues in our community are brought to bear.

On-going Iwi Relationships

I acknowledge our positive on-going relationship with Ngāti Tamaoho, and recognise the Iwi’s significance as mana whenua of Papakura. Your support is very much valued. I also recognise the work we do alongside and with the Papakura Marae. The Marae’s work is critical to the well-being of Papakura.

Financial Sustainability

The Trust continues to be in a sound financial position thanks to the wonderful support we receive from funders and contributing agencies. Financial sustainability nonetheless is always challenging for the NFP sector, including Kootuitui and we work hard to justify the commitment and resources funders provide to us.

Ngā mihi nui, Leigh Auton.

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Our Supporters

We benefit from the support of funders, partners and community organisations, and the commitment of the schools’ boards, leaders, teachers and staff.