Setting Our Kids Up To Live Their Best Lives

Our Community

Residents in our community experience high rates of deprivation.

Our children are substantially impacted by these high rates. With self-determination/tino rangatiratanga as our desired outcome, we will provide a hand-up to families to achieve equity of access and opportunity.

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  • High rates of unemployment – twice the rate when compared with the rest of Auckland.
  • Financial hardships – earning 33% less median income- $24k pp p/a
  • 33% of children in our community live on or below the poverty line
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  • Lower home ownership rates – 33% less likely to own their own home.
  • The average daily indoor temperature in the winter for most New Zealand houses is just 16°C. If house temperatures fall below 16°C, the risk of respiratory illness increases.
  • Children growing up in Papakura are three times more likely to live in cold, damp, and moldy living conditions.
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  • Hospitalisation- Papakura East is in the highest 1% of Census areas for childhood hospitalizations potentially attributable to housing.
  • Inequitable access to primary care- 46% of school-age children haven’t visited their GP in the last year
  • Rheumatic Fever- Pacifika children are 75 times more likely to contract rheumatic fever- a disease that has been successfully eliminated in most first-world countries.
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  • Students in South Auckland are twice as likely to leave school without any qualifications compared to the Auckland/New Zealand averages

Our Supporters

We benefit from the support of funders, partners and community organisations, and the commitment of the schools’ boards, leaders, teachers and staff.